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When launching a website (whether it be with a TLD or a premium SLD), ensuring users have faith in you is a very important step.  To that end we like to give you an advantage by pointing you at sites that will allow you to get free trust scans and virus scans and certificates for your site. To help raise customer faith.


Host Director Security Badge - Free


Add free certified security seals and badges to your website and tell your visitors and customers that your website is authentic and its virus and malware free, certified by reliable internet service provider. Your visitors will find your website reliable when you will let them know that browsing your website is safe and secured. 


Tinfoil Starter Badge - Free

We've found 1,244,137 vulnerabilities so far. Our usable report makes it easy to fix them.


Scan Verify Free Trust seal, along with United Merchants Association, is a consumer agency that provides dispute resolution, as well as review and ratings services for businesses. A accreditation is given to businesses that have been verified to be an honest, fair and ethical enterprises. A Free Trust Seal (for non-accredited businesses) means that the merchants website has passed vulnerability checks and is safe from viruses and malware. 

This ones a bit special its not a security badge as a customer feedback badge that allows your visitors know your site is run by responsible individuals.